Friday, February 20, 2009

Earning Adsense That Make Me Worry


Again i just want to learn english, that why i use english to this post. My english language is to basic, and i know primary school can do more better than me. but learning is never end, that our master said. Like the title, my earning adsense make me worry again, i afraid Google will banned me again. why am afraid? do you use unfair way? maybe that is question in your mind.

Of course not, i will not do thats way again, i already banned twice, and I'm not hope to be banned again. My way is to direct the visitor from other blog hats already banned to new blog that show adsense ads. In your opinion, do you think my ways is unfair?? Help me please... but another problem is, my visitor is 300 people a day, and the click that i get is about 40-80. That make me worry, because the click to much if compare with the visitor. But if you see the web and look for the ads that appear, the reason why people like to click is because ads that appear very interesting to click. If i become the visitor, i will click the ads immediately.

If you have same experience, pleae sharing here.

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